Photography + Video

We are big time adrenaline junkies and we surround ourselves with things that make our hearts pump faster and love a little deeper. We are a husband and wife team serving couples all over the world who aren’t afraid to do things their way.

When Brach isn’t racing his motorcycles and Bella isn’t learning to fly a plane you can find us fluffing dresses, straightening bowties, and chasing light, dreams, our two-year-old, and our dang dog all over the world.

Congrats on finding the man of your dreams that you want to spend forever with! Now comes the fun part…PLANNING!

Once the wedding day has come and gone, all you will have left to look back at your big day will be photos and videos! So why not invest in an amazing photographer and videographer who will capture all these memories for you to look back on and show your kids down the road! Jackie Siggard Photo + Video is made up of three photographers and one videographer. We have shot over 150 weddings and would love to serve you. We offer FREE consults to chat about your big day and see what will fit your needs best! We cannot wait to get to know you!