Health & Wellness

Our award-winning products are based on Blue Zones, areas where men & women live well into their 90’s & beyond. Our products are designed to help you live your fullest life by fueling your body with the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

Burn calories, reduce cellulite, tone up and build lean muscle with BODY20, a boutique fitness studio that utilizes an FDA-Cleared electro-muscle stimulation suit. In just a 20-minute training session, your personal trainer will put you through a customized 1-on-1 program, giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout without any need to pick up a weight or use traditional gym equipment.  EVERY  BODY  UNLEASHED

“Serving our community since 1986, JBR Clinical Research has been on the forefront of finding new, non-opioid pain-relieving medications.  We offer no cost/no insurance surgical procedures   performed by highly experienced, board-certified surgeons, and all participants are generously compensated for their time and travel.”

At Foreverbyash, we believe in the power of corrective skin care to enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled estheticians are committed to providing you with results-driven treatments that leave you with the glowing, rejuvenated skin you deserve. Experience the difference of personalized care with us.

Nouvelle Aesthetics and Wellness is passionate and committed to serve, to inspire, to nurture, to bring confidence to all those we meet, and to enhance natural beauty, not change it! Nouvelle is a place where nothing happens by coincidence. We have strategically chosen our team and our services. You will not find a service, a skin care product, or internal wellness treatment that we haven’t tried on ourselves. We strive to improve your overall self inside and naturally minimize the aging process.

Utah Trim Clinic offers one of the Top Weight Loss Medications on the Market called SemaGlutide/GLP-1. We also offer a Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, Red Laser Treatments & Our New Amazing EmSculpt Neo Machine that will help Destroy Fat Cells on the Spot and Increase your Muscle Mass with 1 Treatment!